[Tweeters] Pine Siskins ill and dying

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Sun Jan 3 15:21:43 PST 2021

I took down my suet feeder (in Seattle’s Central District) because 1) Pine Siskins are coming to the suet feeder and 2) Both my neighbor and I spotted a sickly siskin this weekend. I know the risk of transmission might be less at a suet feeder, but the siskins are definitely among the visitors, and I’d hate to pass the salmonella on to the flickers and scrub jays and bushtits who love the suet, not to mention the Coopers who hunt at our feeder fairly regularly.


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> In answer to the question asked about what is different about a suet feeder in regards to sick siskins (sorry, can’t reply to a particular post), since taking down my seed feeders, I no longer have pine siskins. I haven’t seen one in my yard in years so I assume that’s why. Also, my suet feeder holds a single cake which allows me to take it down for cleaning more regularly since it is empty more often. I am astounded by how fast mold/mildew grows in the winter inside the feeder! I still clean up underneath occasionally as well but with no seed hulls, there is not much to clean up.


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