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Seeing the post below about Eurasian Wigeons reminded that there were two beautiful male Eurasian Wigeons among the Wigeon flock at Green Lake Park (in Seattle) earlier this week (on Wednesday, December 30). They were in the Green Lake Play Field, just west of where NE 71st Street meets Green Lake Way. I did not see the Sora, but that location (small cattail marsh on SW side of the lake) yielded the only Shovelers and Green-winged Teal that I saw on my circuit walk around the lake.

I also saw the Snowy Owl this afternoon in the rain at about 4 pm on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. (Thank you, Elaine, for the views through your scope!).

Happy New Year, all. FOY bird for me was Anna’s Hummingbird.

Doug Santoni

> On Jan 2, 2021, at 5:59 PM, J Christian Kessler <1northraven at gmail.com> wrote:


> This evening just at dusk I stopped at Matthews Beach (off Sand Point Way in NE Seattle).

> found at least 2 male & 1 female Eurasian Wigeon in with a flock of American Wigeon.

> also found a lone small white goose, about the size of a Snow Goose or slightly smaller; orange stocky legs and feet; but a yellow bill; black showing in the primaries but spotty, not one clean patch; and several black patches on the head, including one on the back of the head. otherwise the head was clean white. Will send iPhone pictures of goose on request. Interested on thoughts on possible ID (it's a hybrid something, I believe)


> Chris Kessler

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