[Tweeters] Seattle Goshawk

Charles Easterberg charleseasterberg at gmail.com
Fri Jan 1 17:14:06 PST 2021

Happy New Year! Had a 20-minute look at an adult goshawk high in the
cottonwood snag at the NW corner of Meadowbrook Pond Tuesday afternoon
December 29: pale grey breast, large size (thought it was a red-tail at
first until I saw the tail sticking out). Flight was right for a goshawk
when it took off for parts unknown. Luck of the draw for timing.

Also, a Virginia rail has been hanging out in the NW corner of the pond
area this winter, in the small wet marsh NW of where the culvert passes
underneath the trail. The bird is very shy and hard to see, however; I've
only had glimpses.
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