[Tweeters] 1201 3rd Ave peregrines on eggs

Patti Loesche patti.loesche at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 19:40:47 PST 2021

A peregrine pair has been at the 1201 Third Ave nest box for some time and doing all the right things. This is especially good news because no birds nested there in 2020, skipping nesting for only the second time since peregrines began nesting there in 1994. (The birds are not ID-banded, so we don’t know whether this is the same pair as in 2019.)

Early in the morning of Feb 26, I checked the 1201 falcon cam and discovered an egg—3-4 weeks early!
Egg 2 appeared early this morning, Feb 28.

Ed Deal, who as many know pays meticulous attention to such things, has documented only one previous record of early laying in the region:
“East Channel Bridge 2006. First fledge on May 12th. Counting back to first egg somewhere in the low 20's of February!"


Patti Loesche
Urban Raptor Conservancy

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