[Tweeters] Seattle's Snowy Owl is back on the west side of QA

elc elc at uw.edu
Sat Feb 27 11:58:58 PST 2021

Some might be interested to know that after days out of view and presumed to have high-tailed it back north, The Queen has elected once more to spend time among those most familiar of *her haunts on the West side of QA (today, just 5 houses off McGraw on 1st Avenue West). Wonderful to bear witness to altered behavior of this rare arctic emissary ... spending whole days in trees like the Shore Pine on Valentine’s Day plus one, now moving about from roof to roof in broad daylight.

Life’s been a little eventful these last 2 weeks: one talon is ‘freshly’ broken or missing from the left foot, but that left eyelid injury looks to be healing well. Many thanks to Phil Allison for raising the Bat Signal!

(* a personal not scientific choice of pronoun, in lieu of it or they. After all, this is on Queen Anne hill … and as can be seen, this Snowy Owl sports a lovely tiara. For upholding the broadest of inclusivity, we may happily also honor The Band, “Queen").

Very best wishes again, Tweets!

Elaine Chuang
elc at UW dot edu

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