[Tweeters] Neal Rd. RFI: Yellow-headed Blackbird and Rusty Blackbird

Mary Saylor birder at pottersaylor.com
Thu Feb 25 12:57:57 PST 2021

Hi Tweeters,

Last week I headed out to Neal Rd. in search of the Yellow-headed blackbird and Rusty Blackbird that have been seen there. I didn’t end up seeing any blackbirds at all. It was my first time visiting this location and I saw that there are two nice natural areas along the road, The Fall City Natural area and another smaller state-owned habitat. I also saw a farm at the end of the road. I hear mention of both a corn field and a boat launch, both with nearby trees, where the rarities have been seen. If anyone wants to clue me in more specifically as to where these are, especially the boat launch, I’d appreciate it. Also, what are your favorite spots along this road?

Mary Saylor

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