[Tweeters] Skagit Flats Prairie Falcon et al.

William Driskell bdriskell at comcast.net
Fri Feb 19 17:34:46 PST 2021

While Skagit prowling Fri afternoon ~2 PM, Inge and I spotted the
Prairie Falcon in tall trees NE of the corner of N/S leg of T Loop Rd (S
of East 90 area). 48°31'30.0"N 122°25'59.3"W  It was fairly high in the
trees as opposed to its more usual fence-post/telephone-pole locations
where we've previously seen it.

For a bonus, we had just also gotten a peregrine in the trees just N of
the West 90 parking lot.  The usual Rough Legged hawks were at East 90
and the entrance to Sullivan Rd (dead end).  Four Kestrels were
scattered through the Flats. And we may have undercounted but think we
saw 62,283 Red tails and >800,000 eagles (very roughly estimated).

N of Samish Island, from the Saltwater Access viewpoint, were flocks of
Long tail ducks (usually just a few scattered for us) and RB mergansers,
Common Goldeneye, Surf and WW scoters, two Common loons and a horned grebe.

The sun shone briefly and the Edison bakery had just pulled some kind of
French salted caramel/apple ecstasy from the oven--a perfect trip!

William Driskell
Seattle WA

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