[Tweeters] First Mt. Quail in 6 months

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Thu Feb 18 16:08:32 PST 2021

Thank you, Mary. We sure enjoyed the “lifer” July, 2019.

Al in Tacoma

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Subject: [Tweeters] First Mt. Quail in 6 months

Just had a female Mountain Quail dash across the lingering snowfield that I call my blueberry yard.  It's feeding now.

The last time there were quail in the yard was last August.  Whether it was the coyote hanging around all the time, the heat or the lousy air we had the quail had abandoned my yard.  I hope this is a sign of more visits in the future.  I sure have missed them.

There still are 7-8 Varied Thrush coming in to feed daily.  Once this morning there were 7 all within about 15 ft of each other feeding just outside my family room.  

Hopefully enough of us can get our vaccines (finally got mine scheduled through VA) that birders can come out and enjoy the quail this year.

Happy Birding

Mary Hrudkaj

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