[Tweeters] Oddball sightings during snow

Joshua Hayes josh.hayes at q.com
Sat Feb 13 15:47:10 PST 2021

So, what oddities are people seeing or hearing in their area?

Our regular-visitor sapsucker came by and diligently removed as many seeds
as possible from their lattices of holes - the nuthatches diligently stuff
them in there - but the odd sighting, mostly hearing was that same pine tree
filling up with red-winged blackbirds who sang conk-a-reee! To each other
for about a half hour, and then departed. A flock of about 20, males and
females. Never had them in my yard before. I wonder what they were looking
for in the pine tree? (North Seattle, about five blocks from the NS College
campus, where the blackbirds are residents on the drainage ponds along the
east side.)

Joshua Hayes

Anatomy and Physiology, Biology

Redmond High School, E-130

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