[Tweeters] Anna's on Whidbey

Judith A. Howard jhoward at uw.edu
Sat Feb 13 13:18:23 PST 2021

We have six hummingbird feeders and the birds are massing heavily at daybreak and sunset. With the snow and cold, there were literally dozens flying around where they are fed, when I put the feeders out around 7 AM today. All of the feeders were then filled with birds, massing as many as 10-15 per feeder. We didn’t take them up when we put the other feeders away to deal with the salmonella.

And great suggestion to put seed on baking pans, for the ground feeders. I just put a bunch of trays out, and the spotted towhees, song sparrows, juncos, even a varied thrush, appeared immediately.

Judy Howard
Whidbey Island
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