[Tweeters] Anna's *briefly* peaceable at feeder

Mike Wagenbach wagen at uw.edu
Sat Feb 13 09:33:40 PST 2021

I took in my three hummingbird feeders last night to be sure they didn't
freeze. I put them back out a half-hour before sunrise and already had one
bird waiting right by the usual spot of one feeder. Ten minutes later I
think we had seven birds, including four on one four-station feeder
drinking steadily with no attempts to chase each other away, which we NEVER

I guess their usual territoriality was suppressed by the severe conditions
until they'd had time to take several drinks and get recharged. An hour
later, they were belligerently chasing each other around and only getting
brief solo visits to the feeder, as usual. I hope one dominant bird isn't
preventing the others from getting anything.
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