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Fri Feb 12 10:35:17 PST 2021

WDFW discourages bird feeding because of the additional hazards it introduces. They are not wrong about the hazards. But Audubon promotes responsible bird feeding, and focuses on minimizing those hazards. Audubon has some compelling arguments on its side:

1 – Bird feeding is a wonderful way to engage families and children in nature. And we know people want to save what they know and love. According to surveys by the U.S. DFW, birdwatching is second only to gardening as our favorite outdoor pastime. It even outranks hunting and fishing. It has become a welcome respite for many during the pandemic lockdown.

2 – Birdwatching and related book, equipment, travel, and other related businesses generate more than $100 billion in annual U.S. revenues (based on U.S.DFW surveys), pumping billions of dollars into local businesses. Its economic importance helps drive efforts to protect birds – and these days they need all the friends they can get.

3 – There is ample evidence that some bird species are thriving because of bird feeders; as well as evidence that many species are coming through the winter in better health because of the supplemental feeding.

Gene Bullock
Kitsap Audubon Society
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