[Tweeters] owl knocks eagle off nest ...and then it gets worse

Pterodroma pterodroma at aol.com
Tue Feb 9 22:18:42 PST 2021

Whoa baby!  This amazing video recorded a couple weeks ago shows a kamikaze Great Horned Owl knocking a sleeping Bald Eagle off its nest in the middle of the night in east-central Kansas.  Essentially the first escalation of a nest hijacking for real.
Great Horned Owl knocks a Bald Eagle off its nest!! - YouTube 
Now, two weeks later and as of this very moment and at this posting, it is now midnight in east-central Kansas (cold too, 11F), and the live video feed currently shows the Great Horned Owl seemingly comfortable and snoozing at "home" in the successfully hijacked eagle nest.  This could be an interesting nest to simply check in on for the next several weeks especially since the live cam is trained on it 24/7.Kansas Bald Eagles Live (currently hijacked by Great Horned Owls) - YouTube

Sorry to those for which this might be too far out of state, but I had to share this truly amazing piece of real life real time avian life that perhaps has never been captured in quite this manor until now.  If this can happen in Kansas, it could very well happen here in Washington ...and probably has.  We've got the eagles, we've got the owls, what could possibly go wrong?
Richard RowlettBellevue, WA

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