[Tweeters] On Queen Anne: the SNOWY OWL has returned

elc elc at uw.edu
Tue Feb 9 10:18:30 PST 2021

Following up after my post this last Sunday, Feb 7. Best I can tell, *she was not sighted for 7 days (maybe 6.5 is more precise), but as of today has elected to return, gracing our area on Queen Anne Hill for a bit longer (thank you so much P.A. for the alert). In a word, Woo-Hoo ... especially for those who lamented not quite managing an audience with Her Majesty before Feb 2). Who’s to say for how much longer. Were you interested (hey, Phil D!), it might assist to check this map of past day roost sites<https://www.flickr.com/photos/154614679@N02/50919157231/in/dateposted/> (today's is the star nearest the top of the image).

”Absence did (indeed) make the heart grow fonder." Happily, we humans who often grab / expound upon incorrect conclusions are pleased to be wrong, and can’t resist seeking meaning: today is another really good day for more "cheering up."

Dennis, what wisdom you consistently ‘shed’ on us. Didn’t dare hope quite this quickly though when you wrote (from Feb 7):
Empty roofs and cedars strike me not with pain,
I think our queen has gone for now but may return again…

(* a personal not scientific choice of pronoun, in lieu of it / they. After all, this is Queen Anne ... as can be seen, this Snowy Owl sports a lovely tiara. For upholding the broadest of inclusivity, we may happily also honor The Band, “Queen").

Very best wishes again, Tweets!
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Elaine Chuang
elc at UW dot edu

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