[Tweeters] Late posting re: Long-eared Owl at Magnuson Park

Kenneth Trease krtrease at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 18:24:11 PST 2021

This morning while I was out birding at Magnuson I got "porned" or
"porn-spammmed" or whatever you call it. I know there were several
incidents on Tweeters recently. I quickly deleted the whole string of
emails about the owl find this morning.

The extremely lucky sighting was due to crows tipping me off on the
location. I was expecting to find a Barn Owl since they are nesters in the
park. I don't want to be too specific about the exact location. When the
crows made a very close dive on the owl it flushed up to a branch that was
somewhat in the clear for a few seconds. I was able to get a photo before
it then dived even deeper into very thick cover. I circled completely
around the area and could find no way into the area. This spot in the park
is very thick with thorny shrubs and blackberries. I think the owl chose a
very safe location where it is not likely to be found. I posted a photo on
the ebird checklist although ebird might withhold the owl sighting as a
"Sensitive Sighting?"
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