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Tweets – We got rained on this morning, though nothing that challenged our rain gear. It was also quite intermittent. Always pretty dark, though, and damp. Not terribly birdy, but a few good sightings.

a.. Wood Duck – at least two pair
b.. American Wigeon – quite a few today
c.. Virginia Rail – at least 6 different birds heard, boardwalk, and east of the East Meadow
d.. California Gull – adult with other gulls on Fields 7-8-9 – First of Year (FOY)
e.. ICELAND (Thayer’s) GULL – initially spotted due to it’s bright pink legs. Also on 7-8-9 – FOY
f.. Cooper’s Hawk – two sightings
g.. Hairy Woodpecker – female at Rowing Club
h.. Marsh Wren – after prompting, one sang east of the East Meadow – FOY
i.. Pine Siskin – only 1 heard, near park office
j.. COMMON YELLOWTHROAT – Called and gave me a quick view, east edge of East Meadow. We’ve never had COYE before the last week in March before – FOY
The INDIAN PLUM is in full bud, and one at least one plant there were a few flowers open!

Quite a bit of singing today, including from AMERICAN ROBIN. Also, some display bobbing by COMMON GOLDENEYES.

A late scan of the lake turned up a couple of HORNED GREBES, and I noticed a ROCK PIGEON on my way out. Bushtit was the only real miss today.

For the day, 60 species (albeit, several were heard-only and/or noted by only one person), a really good total for a rainy day in February. For the year, we’re up to 77 species.

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