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I am reluctant to recommend anything Nikon, in large part due to their lack of loyalty to their customer base (which you might excuse if you consider loyalty to have no place in business enterprises where making money is all that matters). My Nikon 70-200mm lens had a stuck focus ring. In my effort to have it repaired by an authorized Nikon service entity I found that the company, based a very rudimentary description of the problem, quoted me a price in excess of $600 for the repair, take it or leave it. I chose to leave it and found a Youtube video that described how to repair it myself, at the cost of a tiny droplet of glue. It’s been working fine for quite some time. It’s not the first time I’ve been disappointed by Nikon’s service to their customers. Too bad I’m heavily invested in their camera equipment.

Kelly McAllister


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Hi tweets,
I lost my bins rainguard during 2019's CBC and despite trying to recreate it with cardboard and duct tape, calling nikon (who told me they do not provide replacement rainguards for sale).

You folks whom blithely suffer this weather sans rainguards, will understand this torture.

Recently, I bought both vortex and swarowski rainguards online, but neither one fits the Monarch 7.

I am now at the point of buying a new pair of binoculars just so I can have a rainguard!!

Anyone have any good ideas before I throw in the towel and buy a new pair of non-nikon binoculars?

Yours in cyclonic sadness,

N Drisseq

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