[Tweeters] "Slate-colored" Junco / Yard in Seattle

Doug Santoni dougsantoni at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 12:34:17 PST 2021

For the second time this winter, a “slate-colored” Dark-eyed Junco has made an appearance in my Seattle backyard. Today’s bird is probably the same on I saw a couple of weeks ago. Plumage is consistent with the Adult Male “Slate-Colored” illustrated in Sibley, with just a few hints of tan, but with fewer hints of tan than shown in the Adult Female. There is no contrast at all between the color on the head and that on the chest or or the back.

The bird did NOT look at all like the Slate-Colored “Canadian Rocky Mountain” species, nor did it look like the “Cassiar” junco, which I do watch for.

The Sibley range map suggests that Slate-colored birds are regular here in Washington, and implies that they’re “easy to find.”

My question to this forum: Are “Slate-colored” Juncos commonly seen here?

Doug Santoni
Seattle, WA

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