[Tweeters] Northern Shrike feeding on Anna's Hummingbird

Andy Papadatos APMF at msn.com
Thu Dec 30 13:26:57 PST 2021

Hi. I don't post often but I thought this should be shared. I always figured predators would never bother preying on the Anna's hummers in my yard. Well, yesterday an immature Northern Shrike appeared in the late afternoon (first for my North Snohomish yard) and was hunting birds, ambushing from a holly or a rhody. I assumed junco, sparrow, chickadee, thrush, etc were it's prey. Today I was ready with my camera and got photos of it with an Anna's in his mouth. It was on the back side of a holly, and to my amazement the bird recognition autofocus firmware picked out the shrike through the dense holly leaves and berries. Amazing. Thanks

Andy Papadatos
Snohomish Bakery at First & Union
First & Union Kitchen
101 Union Ave.
Snohomish, WA 98290
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