[Tweeters] Deer Lagoon and Ice

David A. Armstrong davearm at uw.edu
Wed Dec 29 21:57:10 PST 2021

Good walk along the trails of Deer Lagoon today. The entire north side
(freshwater) is frozen solid, no birds except a lone canada goose walking
slowly for a while, then dropped down to rest. Question: can a Canada goose
take flight (essentially launch vertically) from a glassy slick frozen
surface, or does it need some short distance with surface traction?

The saltwater lagoon side had 100s of birds...wigeons, pintails, hooded
mergansers, gadwalls, buffleheads. But the highlight was a single western
meadowlark in bright yellow color. Have never seen them there so late and
in extreme cold and snow. It was foraging in the pickle weed as the tide

david armstrong
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