[Tweeters] Lewis County CBC (12/22) Results

Dalton Spencer offthehookflyshop at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 27 18:41:45 PST 2021

Hey Tweeters!
For the 5th Annual Lewis County CBC. We had 33 field participants and 11 feederwatchers which is a new record for number of participants.
We tallied 107 species and 2 additional count week birds (Yellow-rumped Warbler and Ring-necked Pheasant). This breaks last years record of 104 species plus three additional count week species.
The 2021 CBC Season brought the count 5 new never-before-recorded species; Greater White-Fronted Goose (Centralia Coal Mine), Brant (Goodrich Road, only the third county record), Horned Grebe (Centralia Coal Mine, 7th record for the western part of the county and only the 2nd ever winter record for Western Lewis County), Townsend's Solitaire (Chehalis Industrial Park, only the third winter record for the county), and Orange-crowned Warbler (Centralia Coal Mine). While Orange-crowned Warbler and Greater White-Fronted Goose have been on the count checklist since its inception, and have been highly expected, they just kept slipping through unseen.
Overall, 30,491 individual birds were tallied of which 12,227 were passerines and 18,423 were non-passerines. This split of over 6000 individuals is by far out greatest difference between the two sub-groupings of birds we have had on the count to date. This count is also the highest individuals number we have tallied on CBC.
Our biggest misses for the count this year were definitaly White-Throated Sparrow which had been recorded on all previous counts and while we did have Yellow-rumped Warbler for the count week we were unable to locate on count day which is also a first miss for this CBC.
29 species recorded high counts this year with Dunlin (6680% increase), Peregrine Falcon (600% increase), and Snow Goose (366.66% increase). I also think it is kind of funny that last year we had 214 Common Ravens and 215 this year which is only an increase of 0.46%.
Eurasian Wigeon (5 birds) tied its high count, 2 species recorded low counts (Yellow-rumped Warbler and White-Throated Sparrow), and both Hermit Thrush (1 individual) and Wood Duck (2 individuals) tied their lowest counts.
Ring-billed Gull, Anna's Hummingbird, Golden-crowned Kinglet, and Dark-eyed Junco have all curiously increased in ever count this far thus they are the only 4 species to record a high count in every count.
Black Phoebe also recorded a high count of 5 individuals which seems to cement us as the farthest north CBC in the world to record have recorded more than 2 Black Phoebes in a single year.
Over the last 5 years, 72 species have been record on every count which seems to establish those species as most consistent within the circle.
Thank you all again so much and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!
PS. I cannot help but think what this snow could have done to the numbers for this count. We get this kind of weather so rarely that I would be an amazing study to see how it affects the bird numbers in the region.

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