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Feeding a 3:1 solution short term during a cold snap will most likely do no
harm to a hummer's organs. And it may just be the added help that a hummer
needs to survive brutal cold. Btw, there is variation in the sugar level of
nectar in the flowers that hummers use.

If you would like more information about feeding hummingbirds, including
nectar ratio during cold weather, read Sheri Williamson's FAQ on the SABO
(Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory) site.
https://sabo.org/hummingbirds/hummingbird-faq/ Sheri is the author of the
Peterson Field Guides "Hummingbirds of North America".

Lori Markoff
canyoneagle at mycci.net

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I would NOT up the ratio of sugar to water 1/3 to 1. I did that a couple of
summers ago and found a dead hummer hanging from my feeder:( It is hard on
the kidneys and liver apparently. Maybe it died from something else, but I
have always heard that 1/4 to 1 is the same as flower nectar.


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