[Tweeters] hummingbirds in the snow

THOMAS BENEDICT benedict.t at comcast.net
Mon Dec 27 11:54:15 PST 2021

Keep putting out fresh/thawed nectar. Mine were waiting this morning at first light. And when I bring the feeders in to warm they buzz around the window until I put them back out.

They can't go very long without feeding, so they hopefully found another source when you're wasn't available. If those individuals have survived they will likely come a back to your feeder.

Tom Benedict
Seahurst, WA

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> I live at the top of Queen Anne Hill and was going to change out feeders yesterday and today; however, no hummingbirds. I usually have several but since the snow and low temperatures no hummingbirds.


> I think maybe they're in torpor. Or is there another reason?


> When will they come back? At what temperatures will they start to be more active so I can be sure to have food out for them.

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