[Tweeters] hummingbirds in the snow

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Mon Dec 27 11:41:04 PST 2021

The hummers will come out of their torpor around 5:30-6:00am. If the feeders are not there, or are frozen, they will try to find another food source, but if they can’t find one, they may die, especially with temps as low as they’ve been. So if your feeders have been frozen, or absent, first thing in the morning, either your hummers went elsewhere or didn’t make it.


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> I live at the top of Queen Anne Hill and was going to change out feeders yesterday and today; however, no hummingbirds. I usually have several but since the snow and low temperatures no hummingbirds.


> I think maybe they're in torpor. Or is there another reason?


> When will they come back? At what temperatures will they start to be more active so I can be sure to have food out for them.

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