[Tweeters] Subject: Re: Last minute ideas for keeping hummingbird feeders thawed

Carolyn Heberlein coheberlein at gmail.com
Fri Dec 24 15:40:38 PST 2021

I've had hummingbird feeders for about 15 years now. My favorite is the
saucer style.
I have 4 - one on each side of my house because of the hummers' extreme
territorial nature.
If it is going to be less than 28 degrees at night, I bring them in after
The hummers will feed until the last bit of daylight.
Then I put them out before dawn. Lucky for me, dawn is later in the winter.
They are looking for nectar at the break of dawn.
When it has been 20 degree weather during the day, I have to rotate them
during the day because they start to freeze.
What really helped was about 8 years ago when I bought a different style
feeder - 32 oz - which has a saucer at the bottom where there is a night
light. Of course, I had to place it somewhere with an electrical outlet
I still bring in the saucer feeders at night but I am less worried about
the availability of nectar water first thing in the morning.
These are the people I bought the heated feeder from.

Carolyn Finder Heberlein / Nana, Fremont Neighborhood, Seattle, Washington
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