[Tweeters] Last minute ideas for keeping hummingbird feeders thawed

Gene Beall gene.beall at gmail.com
Fri Dec 24 13:20:08 PST 2021

We use two different kinds of feeder warmers.  One is a small
clamp-style shop light with a low-wattage incandescent bulb.  The other
is an 8-inch plastic plant pot turned upside down with little bungie
cords to hold it to the feeder and a small low-wattage night-light bulb
at the end of an electrical cord normally used for a little lighted
Christmas house (small hole in the bottom of the plant pot to hold the
bulb).  You can see photos of both of these at this Flickr link:

Gene Beall
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On 12/23/21 6:17 PM, Dennis Paulson wrote:

> Vicki, we have sometimes duct-taped “Little Hotties” (little heating

> pads) to the underside of the feeders during very cold weather. You

> have to manipulate the pad to get it to produce heat. Maybe you know

> about them; we use them as hand warmers sometimes.


> Good luck!


> Dennis


>> On Dec 23, 2021, at 3:17 PM, Vicki <vickibiltz at gmail.com

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>> Hi,

>>  I have a rather large numbers of Anna’s here on our property. I gave

>> 3 glass feeders and a humdinger I’m not worried about. I know to

>> bring them in, but the temps where I live at least, are going to be

>> pretty harsh. My husband is picking up led strings of lights to try

>> and protect them. Any last minute ideas or tips on keeping them

>> thawed?  I’ve always just swapped them out during the day, but can’t

>> do that this week.

>>   I’m not even sure the lights will help.

>> Any tips are greatly appreciated

>> Vicki Biltz

>> Buckley, WA

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