[Tweeters] Snow Geese and the moon

Jack Stephens jstephens62 at comcast.net
Mon Dec 20 15:52:30 PST 2021

On most of my trips to Skagit this time of year I find Snow Geese, but
occasionally I miss them. I had always assumed that they were in some
field somewhere, and with extra effort I would eventually find them. The
other day was one of those days, no large flocks seen between Edison and
Conroy. However, at Jensen Access on Fir Island there was a large flock
of Snow Geese out in the water. I was chatting with a hunter up on the
berm, and he mentioned that this was typical when there is a fill moon.
With enough light, the geese will come in and feed during the night, and
spend the day on the water. He is friends with someone who lives nearby,
and they report the geese keep them up on nights with strong moonlight.
This makes intuitive sense, but is something I had never considered.
Does anyone have information on this association? Inquiring minds want
to know.

Jack Stephens

Edmonds, WA

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