[Tweeters] Winter/spring Townsend’s warblers

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Wed Dec 15 16:35:37 PST 2021

Townsend's Warbler is one of the shorter-distance migrants showing an
increasing willingness to overwinter in larger numbers in northern
California, Oregon, and Washington. Especially the former two so far, but I
certainly expect them to increase in winter here as well. I've got some
graphs of these trends here (Townsend's Warbler is near the bottom):


In a few months, eBird will be releasing detailed trend maps for 451
species, which will really tell us a lot more about recent shifting range
patterns in a time of rapid climate change. Some glimpses of eBird's maps
were shared at the Wash Ornith Soc (WOS) mtg a few months ago.

good birding,

On Wed, Dec 15, 2021 at 4:24 PM Stan Bezimienny <grzebiuszkaziemna at gmail.com>

> We are also in Lake Forest Park, and we get Townsend’ with some regularity

> on a suet feeder. Last Sunday a male was also feeding on/among flowers of a

> big Mahonia, just like the ones in UW Arboretum (see Larry’s excellent

> Union Bay blog). Perfectly matched colors, but a great annoyance to

> resident Anna’s hummingbirds.


> Stan

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