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Natalie Boydstun ornithologyfiend at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 14:44:18 PST 2021

Thank you to all who wrote with advice and offers in response to my scope
classified! I very much admire everyone's dedication to the beauty of birds
and support of the birding community on this listserv. My Christmas list
dreams are coming to fruition and my scope search is ending with success!

On Thu, Dec 9, 2021 at 1:26 PM Natalie Boydstun <ornithologyfiend at gmail.com>

> I'm an enthusiastic but cash-strapped millennial birder who pines for a

> scope. A used model is on my christmas list, and I'm wondering if anyone

> has a dusty and forgotten scope that they'd be willing to sell me? I'm wary

> of attempting a craigslist/ebay purchase on such an expensive piece of

> equipment since I won't know its functioning or possible previous damage.


> My budget combined with parental holiday funds is under $800. For new

> models in my budget, I've been researching Vortex Diamondback, Vanguard

> Endeavor, and Orion Grandview. I'm hoping to find a scope that'll last my

> lifetime. Any feedback on those models or personal sale of higher quality

> optic is appreciated!


> Natalie Boydstun

> ornithologyfiend at gmail.com


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