[Tweeters] Townsend's Warbler at feeders?

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Both my mother and I live about a half mile from each other in the East Renton Highlands. The ‘habitat’ consists of loads of pretty big evergreens and mixed forests near ravines. Our elevation is about 500 feet.

Every winter just as the snow begins to fall in the mountains, I’ll get one, sometimes two Townsend’s at my suet feeders. My mother does as well. They stay all winter and visit the feeders approximately every 15 minutes until early spring when they move on to the foothills and mountains again.

Beautiful little creatures, enjoy!

Amy Powell
Renton, WA
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Tweets – for two weeks now, we’ve had what looks to be a first year female TOWNSEND’S WARBLER coming to our seed feeders, usually a couple of times a morning.

I’m using a no-mess blend from the West Seattle True Value store, which is sunflower chips and peanut chips, I believe. She’s also fed at another feeder that has sunflower chips mixed with niger. Sometimes she goes to the suet as well.

Has anyone else had a Townsend’s regularly visiting their feeders? Birds of the World lists only a very old report: “In winter, visits feeding stations where cheese, marshmallows, and peanut butter are offered (Bent 1953b<https://birdsoftheworld.org/bow/species/towwar/cur/references#REF56932>).”

(She just came back for at least her 2nd visit of the morning).

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