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Julia H azureye at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 18:43:51 PST 2021

While we're on the topic of birding board games...

*Piepmatz* (the title is German for "Little Birds") is a really wonderful
bird-themed board game that I've often thought deserves a wider audience.
It's simpler than *Wingspan* (a non-board-gamer friend of mine described it
as "*Go Fish* with a few extra rules" after I taught her to play), and it's
probably about as simple as or simpler than most trick-taking card games,
but has a surprising amount of strategy for such a simple ruleset.

Since it is a German game, it only features European yard birds, so not
exactly relevant to my daily life, but the birds are very cute :)

Game is here, for anyone curious!

Julia H
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