[Tweeters] Tree with active Eagle nest cut down in Longview,WA

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The Washington State Rules only applied during the time when bald eagles were state listed as threatened. The federal Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act should apply, even outside the breeding season.

Kelly McAllister


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That might be a violation of State and Federal Laws:



Tom Benedict

Seahurst, WA

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Walking my dogs yesterday, we stopped to watch the Eagles in my neighborhood tree. Incredibly, the tree was cut down earlier in the day. No notice.

This tree has been actively supporting a nesting pair of Eagles for years. It was my greatest pleasure to watch the paired Eagles throughout the year.

Something is wrong with the priorities of the local government to allow this site to be cleared for apartment housing. I honestly never gave a thought to seeing this majestic pair of birds lose their home but now I sit here crying, both sad and angry.

This is a disgraceful act of removal of nesting Eagles and their longtime home.

There are plenty of undeveloped parcels of land here in Longview that do not have an active nest. Why choose this one for development? I am grieving...

M. Cooper

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