[Tweeters] Winter is Coming!

Jonathan Houghton jonbirder at comcast.net
Mon Dec 13 09:55:01 PST 2021

Or, maybe it's already here? In either case, the forecast for snow and cold weather over the mountains has us (well, me, at least) eager to head over to the Waterville Plateau and the Okanogan Highlands to look for those cool winter birds. I'm especially keen to try to get re-acquainted with Sharp-tailed Grouse which we missed last winter due to the combination of burned up habitat (Bridgeport Hill), insufficient snow (Scotch Creek), and ignorance (where are those Siwash Creek birds, anyway?). We're heading over tomorrow (Tuesday) morning and spending two nights in Omak to make the rounds. Would love to coordinate and share info with any others who may be in the area! - Jon Houghton, Edmonds (206) 601-0773
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