[Tweeters] wingspan game

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You might want to try youtube for a few tutorials on the game. There are several good ones that might help explain it for you.

Good luck, have fun!

Lori Markoff

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I got it as a gift. We have tried to play it and so far it not only makes no sense but the directions for a "set up game" didn't work. We'll keep trying as we hear it is a fascinating game.

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Wingspan is an excellently-rated, expensive game with nice bird art on the cards, and you could learn a bit about birds from it, but it's one of the incredibly complex type of game the 20/30-somethings are playing these days - byzantine rules, you really have to get into it. As old farts, we opened it, took a look, and regifted it. If those kind of young gamers are in your life, it's a good gift, but don't buy it for just anyone!


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