[Tweeters] 38 trumpeters at Maris Farm, and Wingspan board game

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Sat Dec 11 14:18:34 PST 2021

Hi Vicki,
The Wingspan board game was one of the most popular games of 2019, and
has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. If you are not interested in
board games, but know someone who is, this would make a perfect gift.
This game has been a hit with the board game community, regardless of
their interest in birding. It is a high-quality game that many people
would enjoy receiving. It is one of our family favorites. I hope this
helps you feel better about giving it to someone.
Sam Tooley

On 12/11/2021 1:18 PM, Vicki wrote:

> Hi, Dec 7, I counted 38 Trumpeter Swans mid afternoon at Maris Farms,

> on Sumner Buckley Highway. This is the largest count so far.

> Beforehand it’s only been 7-9 birds.  8 were juveniles.

> Also someone gave me this Wingspan board game, which I’ve never heard

> of. Is it something that can be easily regifted? I guess I’m asking if

> it’s a decent board game for birders, or just some random game.   I

> don’t play board games, and have no one who is interested in birds

> that would want to play it. It’s around $60 on Amazon.  I feel kind of

> bad regifting.  But I don’t want to open it either.

> Vicki Biltz

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> Buckley, WA

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