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Fri Dec 10 20:00:21 PST 2021

Hello Tweeters,

Bill and I spent two hours trying to spy the Blue Jay in
Port Townsend today. Many other birds showed up at the many feeders which
the BLJA has been visiting, but not the BLJA itself. As a consolation
prize, we went to Point Wilson in Fort Worden State Park. We were already
cold from standing for two hours in 36 degree temps in town, so we didn't
think we'd last long. It was probably a couple degrees warmer along the
water, but there was a stiff breeze from the south. Nonetheless, we were
astonished at the large number of Common Murres that were flying by Point
Wilson. They were impossible to count-they flew by in almost continuous
batches of 10 0r 15 for over an hour. So I'm guessing about 2000, or maybe
more! There were also many in the water just off the point. Additionally,
there were murrelets, Pigeon Guillemots, mergansers, a few loons and many
gulls. There was definitely something good to eat out there in Admiralty
Inlet. So for a magical hour, we forgot about the cold and just watched and
tried to take pictures (but most birds were too far away). If anyone cares
to comment on this abundance of murres, I'd like to hear from you. Perhaps
this is an everyday occurrence this time of year at Port Townsend. Happy
birding, Charlotte Byers, Edmonds

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