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Natalie Boydstun ornithologyfiend at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 13:26:05 PST 2021

I'm an enthusiastic but cash-strapped millennial birder who pines for a
scope. A used model is on my christmas list, and I'm wondering if anyone
has a dusty and forgotten scope that they'd be willing to sell me? I'm wary
of attempting a craigslist/ebay purchase on such an expensive piece of
equipment since I won't know its functioning or possible previous damage.

My budget combined with parental holiday funds is under $800. For new
models in my budget, I've been researching Vortex Diamondback, Vanguard
Endeavor, and Orion Grandview. I'm hoping to find a scope that'll last my
lifetime. Any feedback on those models or personal sale of higher quality
optic is appreciated!

Natalie Boydstun
ornithologyfiend at gmail.com
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