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I would not be so sure that there is a total closure on Emperor Geese. The pamphlet is a summary only, and not the actual rule. There are restrictions on Canadas (and because WA does not recognize Cacklers as a separate species), White-fronts, Snows, and Brant. Same with ducks. There are specific limits on some species but if a species is not mentioned (i.e. Wigeon) there are included in the limit.

The situation raises and interesting point when rarely occurring species such as the Emperor, Smew, Amaerican Black, Baikal, or Gargany show up. Further complicated by the fact that many waterfowl are kept by aviculturists and the bird may be an escapee rather than a natural occurrence.

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> Just as an added thought: perhaps the person that observed this

> incident could call it in to the news paper or a TV station. They might

> like to give this a little publicity, which MIGHT reach the attention of

> those hunters. There is the possibility that the shooter was unaware of

> what he shot and or the season / protected status.

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