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Mon Dec 6 14:51:21 PST 2021

Thanks for this information, Martha.  A few years ago I was solo birding at Eide Road and a couple of young hunters were trying to intimidate me and behaving very unsafe, including not-so-veiled threats that I was going to get shot.  I didn't know who to call.  Tried to ignore them as much as possible.
Peggy MundyBothell, WA

On Monday, December 6, 2021, 02:34:24 p.m. PST, Martha Jordan <mj.cygnus at gmail.com> wrote:

Over the past few weeks I have been getting calls, and personally experienced, not only bad behavior by a small number of hunters, but also illegal and unsafe behavior/actions. 
    Here is what WDFW Enforcement recommends you do if you encounter these types of situations:  If there is illegal hunting/poaching/unsafe behavior (like shooting directly over the parking lot and having pellets land on your vehicle) actively happening:Dial 911    when the operator answers tell them it is not an emergency and you really need to talk with a WDFW enforcement person ASAP. Explain it is illegal action in progress, unsafe or whatever you have encountered.  Insist on WDFW enforcement. Wildcom will get the call and they can handle it much more swiftly than using any other method including the poaching hotline.    I know many folks who hesitate to dial 911 first when the issue is actually happening. BUT, that is what you need to do to make it a higher priority.     My recent encounter at the Jensen access area was an educational opportunity for me. I am grateful the shot snow goose landed 20 ft from my vehicle instead of on it. The pellets that hit my car did not appear to do any damage.      Another safety tip: if you encounter hunters or poachers or badly behaving people harassing birds:  stay in your car, take photos with your phone, dial 911 and by all means, do not confront the people doing the activity.  Safety above all else.  Leave the area to dial 911 if you need to do so to be safe.
Be aware, stay aware of your surroundings and what is happening in the field.    AND and above all Happy and safe birding out there.
Martha JordanEverett, WA

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