[Tweeters] Emperor Goose shooting reported by G. Bletsch

Bruce Thompson bcthompson248 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 13:23:16 PST 2021

I am a waterfowl hunter as well as bird watcher and enthusiast. We all
need to encourage legal, informed hunting activities by legitimate hunters.

There is no provision for legally hunting or shooting Emperor Geese in
Washington that I know of, regardless of the situation with other goose
species. Any reference to "all geese" in WDFW regulations booklets relates
to snow, blue, Ross', Canada, and white-fronted geese. And, Mr. Bletsch is
correct that the goose season is closed in the area he referenced during
Nov 29-Dec 10. Also, brant season definitely is not open now.

I hope he is able to provide enough information to WDFW to apprehend
whomever was involved in the situation he observed.


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