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David Hutchinson florafaunabooks at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 4 16:46:46 PST 2021

Yes, once again it is that season of the year when Anna's Hummingbird
performs activities that don't quite make sense to a local birder, you know -
singing in the snow, seemingly asleep in the garage, hanging out at
sapsucker wells & so forth. A friend just sent me a well described article
by Gregory A. Green explaining the species winter ecology in our area.
It's entitiled: Anna's Hummingbird : Our Winter Hummingbird. It's good
but not the species' whole story.

For a more complete description of this species' ecology and its behavior
in its original California homeland, I recommend a now almost 50 year-old scholarly
publication by F. Gary Stiles, 1973, entitled:

Food Supply and the Annual Cycle of the Anna Hummingbird. Gary became
an expert on hummingbirds, Costa Rica & tropical avifauna. And when one grasps
that this little bird is a Resident & not a Migrant, I hope that, as I did, you will
learn a lot. Sure Amazon can find this for you. Happy Xmas, Hutch

David Hutchinson
Flora & Fauna Books
Discovery Park
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