[Tweeters] massing hummers

Gene Beall gene.beall at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 17:40:23 PST 2021

Regarding the recent message stream concerning massing hummingbirds, we
maintain four hummingbird feeders spaced 10-15 feet apart.  I have
posted previously about how we regularly have 10-12 on a single feeder
with several more hovering about.  This happens primarily in the fall
and winter, and most consistently just before sunset.  This year,
however, it seems to be happening throughout the day, but with the
greatest concentration of them still prior to sunset. Recently we have
more than ever before...as many 25 at one time feeding and hovering
about a single feeder. Here is a link to a video my daughter Sarah
Anderson took late this afternoon when she went over to fill the feeders
for us since we are out of town overnight:

Gene Beall
Sammamish, WA
gene.beall at gmail.com

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