[Tweeters] Thanks for responses to Window Strikes

Joan Miller jemskink at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 15:47:44 PDT 2021

I appreciate everyone's comments and suggestions! Trileigh, I have in fact
tried the liquid UV stuff and it hasn't worked for me. It also runs and
looks horrible. I have also tried decals and they don't help either. Plus I
can't reach the top of the window to apply it. I tried to remove one decal
that had aged and yellowed and I was unable to reach it to get it all off.
So that looks bad now!

My windows are very high and I don't have a tall enough ladder. One window
is at the second floor height also. I can't just put up something and take
it down. So I'll either go with parachute cord or screens.

Good birding!

Joan Miller
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