[Tweeters] Purple Martins

stan Kostka lynn Schmidt lynnandstan at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 29 08:31:34 PDT 2021

Hi Linda,

We’ve been monitoring the martin colony on the north end of Camano Island at English Boom County Park for the past twenty years. During that time the site has averaged just under 18 pairs, with a high of 24 pairs in 2019, to a low of 5 pairs in it’s first year back in 2000. I did not monitor the site last year. This year there were 18 pairs there, so, for the martins at English Boom, it was as average a year as it could be.

Stan Kostka
lynnandstan at earthlink.net
Arlington WA

Date: 8/25 7:07 PM
From: Linda Phillips <linda_phillips1252...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Purple Martins
Hello Tweeters, (especially those of you who are following in Kevin Lis footsteps)

Every August I enjoy a day or two of overhear chortles during Purple Martin post breeding dispersal. It is the only time I see them in my neighborhood.
This day Ive heard/seen them daily for a full week. My favorite was the day I saw adults feeding juveniles on the wing. Does anyone know if this was an especially good breeding season for Martins? Or was I just paying closer attention than I have in the past. I live close to Log Boom Park but Im not sure Kevins gourds are still there.

Linda Phillips
Kenmore WA

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