[Tweeters] Swallows and Purple Martins

Mark Borden markbordenmd at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 18:26:51 PDT 2021

Hi Linda,

Mark Borden writing from Whidbey Island.

It has been an average season up here for swallows and Purple Martins.

Our nests along the waterfront (Crockett Lake/Admirals Cove) had good occupancy. At my home/acreage (fenceboxes mostly) I had over 60 pairs of Violet Green and Tree Swallows, and there were some second clutches. We also had nine pairs of Barn Swallows, and 5 pairs of Cliff Swallows.

My own Purple Martins (3 pairs in 2020) showed up briefly, but then departed after only a week or so and did not nest. Last season they used two Kestrel Boxes, nesting late in one after the Kestrels fledged, and one dedicated Martin Box with an “anti starling” entry.

Mark Borden
Coupeville, WA.

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