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Tweets – Seasonal changes and a change in the weather. And changes in the birds at Marymoor. Related? Maybe just probably. Cloudy and a touch breezy today, but the wind was pretty comfortable (low 60’s), and no rain.

a.. Band-tailed Pigeon – flock of around nine, one of our biggest groups of the year
b.. Rufous Hummingbird – 1-2 below the weir, not adult males, our first in six weeks
c.. Caspian Tern – five or six at the lake. Getting late - we have only two previous sightings later than today’s
d.. Green Heron – juvenile along slough south of Dog Area
e.. Cooper’s Hawk – harassing Red-tailed Hawk on far side of slough, south of Dog Area
f.. WARBLING VIREO – many! Seven would be a conservative count
g.. Barn Swallow – quite a few; in a late scan of the lake I was able to verify these were the dozens of swallows there, but we had others over the park itself
h.. LINCOLN’S SPARROW – one at the Pea Patch, a rather early Fall sighting
i.. Brown-headed Cowbird – juvenile with Red-winged Blackbirds. First in six weeks
j.. FIVE WARBLER DAY – see below
k.. Western Tanager – several sightings
Our five warbler day started with COMMON YELLOWTHROATS, 2-3 YELLOW WARBLERS, and a WILSON’S WARBLER below the weir. Along the slough trail towards the south end of the Dog Area, we found 1-2 male BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLERs. Finally, in the SE part of the East Meadow, an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER was low in a blackberry bush.

Misses today included Hooded Merganser, Rock Pigeon, Western Wood-Pewee, Willow Flycatcher, Red-breasted Nuthatch, and Black-headed Grosbeak.

For the day, 57 species.

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