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Wed Aug 25 07:10:56 PDT 2021

Yesterday at noon I was surprised to see about 7 nighthawks overhead near Forks.

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> Last evening around 7:40 a friend stopped by to pick up something he left after visiting earlier in the day. I couldn't help but notice three Nighthawks foraging around my house and yard. In the next 10 minutes or so several more came in, checked out the insects and headed on south. By the time they disappeared we counted 12 Nighthawks. I haven't seen that many feeding in my yard in over a decade. It was a short look into their migration but a very memorable one.


> All summer there's been a lone Nighthawk here on the ridge, calling almost every evening. Between that and the sounds of crickets and katydids at night what better music can one hope for to fall asleep with.


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> Belfair/Tahuya

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