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This summer we've had a heck of a time with our Lacinato Kale. Something
was putting tons of holes in the leaves. I suspected slugs, bugs, and/or
cabbage moths. I finally have seen repeatedly that it is the House Finches
that have also been coming into the garden to feast on the seeds of our
Arugula that as gone to seed. The other day I observed three at a time
perched on a kale each clinging to the stem and pecking at the leaves.

Something else got our sunflowers. While birds might have got some of them
when they first sprouted, I think it was bunnies that got them later. The
ones that survived to having any leaves were all bitten off at the stem.

I have to send a photo of the accipiter that came into our garden today to
Ed Deal. I'm pretty sure it's a Cooper's Hawk. It flew in and almost got
the immature Steller's Jay which crashed into a fence trying to escape.
Somehow it got around the edge of the fence and into the bushes before the
adult accipiter got it. The accipiter perched on a different part of the
fence and then hopped on to the ground and walked along looking into the
blackberry bramble where the House Finches, jay and Song Sparrows fled.
Eventually it gave up and flew off into the Fairmont Ravine. Late last week
we heard possible calls of immature accipiters. One clumsily flew into one
of our trees Sunday. It might be Cooper's Hawks that evaded Ed Deal's nest
search survey this spring.

The other interesting thing lately is fall migration with a Semipalmated
Plover new yard bird flying overhead with three clear calls.

Good birding,


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