[Tweeters] Interesting etymology of the word oscine

Robert O'Brien baro at pdx.edu
Thu Aug 19 09:39:17 PDT 2021

Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
In modern times we could infer ocines to be birds which are best identified
by voice/call.
Take, Buff-collared Nightjar, as one. Or Alder vs. Willow Flycatchers.
But *no*t to include Pacific vs. Cordillera Flycatcher, which cannot be
identified at all.
Bob OBrien Portland

On Thu, Aug 19, 2021 at 12:40 AM Rachel Lawson <rwlawson5593 at outlook.com>

> The Oxford English Dictionary Word of the Day for August 10 was oscines, n.

> From Roman History. Birds from whose song or call (rather than flight)

> auguries were taken, as ravens, owls, etc.


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