[Tweeters] About that Merlin

Larry Schwitters leschwitters at me.com
Wed Aug 18 13:45:26 PDT 2021

Posted about my seeing a Merlin on top the Monroe Wagner crow barrier. Didn’t think Merlins did that. Finally got around to checking the quick screen shot I got off. Ha! That’s not a Merlin. That’s a Flicker. I feel better as well as stupid.

2384 Vaux’s left their Wagner Roost at 8:33 this morning.

1317 plus 2 released by PAWS used the Village of Selleck's Old School House chimney.

1000 plus at the John Day Elks. Observer parking was difficult due to it being Taco Tuesday. Vaux’s Happening played a small part in keeping this roost available for the wee birds. Credit the John Day Birding Club for the heavy lifting.

Larry Schwitters

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